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About Us & Overview

Your Parcel Pickup & Drop-Off Partner

Welcome to the world of Parcelat, where excellence and quality meets convenience and innovation redefining your pickup experience! Parcelat is dedicated to providing a distinctive and unique experience in the last-mile delivery and logistics services sector, with a vision to integrate parcel stations seamlessly into the modern urban infrastructure of our kingdom.

Introducing Parcelat; Your go-to solution for a seamless and secure parcel pickup and delivery experience. Conveniently located near your home or workplace, our National Parcel Stations Network guarantees a speedy and cost-effective parcel pickup and drop-off. It’s not just about getting your parcels – it’s about making your entire shipping journey easy with Parcelat stations!

A Glimpse Of Our Services

Parcelat stations comprise a range of boxes in different sizes, enabling customers and logistics service providers to exchange parcels for drop-off and pick-up electronically without human contact, offering the best parcel exchange experience in Saudi Arabia.

“Parcelat, a convenient, easy, and seamless parcel stations network”

Experience The Parcelat Advantage

Secure Package Collection

24/7 Package Exchange

Cost-Effective Courier Solutions

Why Parcelat?

“For Those Seeking A Convenient Parcel Exchange Experience”

As we believe that the key factor for the success of parcel exchange through Percelat stations is the customer, we provide convenient, easy, and seamless services for parcel delivery and pickup, Tailored to those seeking a comfortable parcel exchange experience.

How It Works

Receive Shipments Easily!


The customer chooses to receive the parcel through
Parcelat locker stations.


The parcel should be delivered to the parcelat stations by
courier companies.


The parcel is collected by using the One Time Password (OTP) sent to the customer via SMS


Using Parcelat locker station, the customer receives the shipment easily and securely.

Whether You're A Customer Or A Courier, We've Got You Covered.

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